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Team Corally

Team Corally RC Car Tool Set - Includes Tool Bag - 16pcs Total

Team Corally RC Car Tool Set - Includes Tool Bag - 16pcs Total

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Enjoy the economical convenience of Team Corally's innovative 16 piece RC tool set. Perfect for maintaining, repairing, or customizing your vehicle, this comprehensive set comes complete with a compact, take-anywhere carrying case. It's the last tool set you'll ever need!

The centerpieces of this set are the machined hex and nut drivers. Featuring comfortable, molded handles that provide perfect leverage and feel, these tools will provide years of reliable service! The most popular sizes of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0mm machined hex drivers and 5.5 and 7mm nutdrivers are included for your convenience, with laser-etched size markings for flawless organization.

A partial list of the various tasks that can be completed using this kit: Secure or remove screws with 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0mm machined hex drivers. Secure or remove nuts with 5.5 and 7mm nutdrivers. Adjust turnbuckles and linkages and maintain or repair drive axles with the stamped metal multi-tool. Install, adjust, or remove 5mm suspension pivot balls using the 5mm allen key held by the molded wheel nut.

The innovative multi-purpose shock pliers allow you to safely hold shock shafts during maintenance to prevent scratching.

Conveniently install rod and turnbuckle plastic ends. Accurately determine fastener length and diameter. Secure shock caps during removal or installation. Measure and adjust camber. Easily install rod ends and ball cups with two sizes of molded tools that key directly into the wheel nut tool.

Organize screws and bits with the small parts tray. Keep gears secure and organized with the pinion caddy.

Rebuild and fill shocks using the innovative shock tray installed on the wheel nut tool.

Maintain and rebuild differentials using the parts tray and inverted wheel nut tool.

Adjust or secure small nuts with the cast four-way wrench.

Many more uses! With all of this convenience packaged in one convenient carrying case, the Team Corally Tool kit is a must-have for your pit box or workbench.

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