Regarding Store hours

Hello everyone! I hope your day is going awesome!

While Jen and I work towards running our store full time, we still have to maintain full time day jobs. This will cause us to not be able to be there for the hours that are currently posted for the business. We will do our best to communicate the schedule ahead of time.

We now have some awesome fellas that have stepped up and that is allowing us to have a regular schedule of:

Tuesday-Sunday: Noon until 8pm


It's been a great journey, thus far, and I can't wait to keep expanding on our dream!


Scott and Jen

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hi there on june 6 i was going to place an order and use my $5.00 off rewards and something came up and i was not able to place my order at that time. Did i lose the $5.00 offer THANK YOU Mark

Mark Olko

Do you offer shipping?
I can also meet with you for a pick up or meet you at your house?

Wayne Rose

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