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Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color

Aqueous Gundam Color

Aqueous Gundam Color

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10ml bottle, semi-gloss

Patterned after the specific color combinations used in Gundam plastic models, these pre-mixed paints will allow replication of various standardized Gundam colors without worrying about the color ratios. Thins with Aqueous Color thinner and can mix with Aqueous Color paints.

Aqueous Gundam color

HUG01-09 Capacity: 10ml

Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gundam Color (17 Colors)

Aqueous Gundam SEED color

HUG101-108 Capacity: 10ml


Mr. Hobby Aqueous Gundam Color (17 Colors)

Colors specialized for "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" work kits will appear one after another in the popular water-based Gundam color series!

It can be used for both brush painting and airbrush painting.


*The HUG product number "Aqueous Gundam Color" series is based on the "Aqueous Hobby Color". For dilution, please use water or the dedicated "aqueous hobby color thinner".
* The type of paint is different from the UG product number "Gundam Color" series. Colors cannot be mixed.

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