Box Condition/Integrity Policy

Clarksville Hobby Depot always  strives to provide every product we sell in the best possible condition. We care about our customers and how they receive products from us. We try our best to send out product how we would like to receive them.
Our aim is simple:  to get your kits to you in pristine condition. This is unfortunately not always possible, especially while offering extremely competitive prices.

To be clear, all kits sold on will meet the following standards:

  • Shippable: Small creases, dents and bulges, so long as they don't affect box integrity.
  • Moved to Scratch and Dent: Large creases, dents or bulges. Any damage impacting the integrity of the box, or compromising it's ability to protect the kit inside (i.e. no tears, deep indents, or any damage that deforms the shape of the box)
These are judgement calls, based on the decision of the receiving crew. There may be occasion where we will have to decide on something that's borderline Scratch and Dent. We normally error on the side of caution.


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