Clarksville Hobby Depot's Sponsorships and Friends!

Update 6/8/2023:

A bunch of new friends have joined us lately!

nezuko_kamui on twitch!

Living_DeadNuType on Instagram!

Anubispla on Twitter!

Update 11/15/22: We're excited to announce that we have joined forces with our first twitch streamer! purplesucksatgames is an up and coming artist that has been raising his profile lately with his Gundam building streams.

Update 10/28/22: We're pleased as punch to announce that we've teamed up with Feral404! This talented artist has done some amazing work! Check him out on Instagram!

We're proud to tell the world, that we have our first sponsored content creator: mobilesuit_tech_mario. Give this up and coming artist a follow! We're sure you'll enjoy his content!

We've joined forces with our friends over at Kitbash Gundam to help promote our love of Gundam and other hobbies! Check out the YouTube channel WEB-C Official for live streams and more!


AND SOME MIGHTY BIG NEWS! We're teaming up with the one and only BARBATOS REX! This YouTuber has some of the best paint and tool demonstrations on the internet! A must watch when wanting to learn about all of the different brands out there!


Want to become one of our brand ambassadors? Join Here!






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