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Mr. Hobby Aqueous Surfacer

Mr. Hobby Aqueous Surfacer

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40ml jar

An epoch-making water-based surfacer series that can fill scratches on the surface and prepare a base before painting while having less solvent smell and higher safety.

The bottle type can be used as it is when using with a brush. When using with an airbrush, dilute 1:1 with water or water-based hobby color thinner (recommended).

Surfacer 1000 (HSF01): Standard gray surfacer.

White Surfacer 1000 (HSF02): White surfacer to help develop bright colors.

Black Surfacer 1000 (HSF03): The particles of Black Surfacer 1000 make the finish color of the base black, so it can be used as a base for metallic colors and as a base for black finish paint. It is very convenient because you can finish the base preparation and black painting at once.

Surfacer 500 (HSF04): Surfacer 500 has coarse particles and is suitable for filling large scratches and sealing wood. In addition, the just right surface roughness makes it ideal as a base for brush painting.

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