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M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Rapid Raider (Slash Violet Ver.)

M.S.G. Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Rapid Raider (Slash Violet Ver.)

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"A new Attacker 〈Slash Violet Ver.〉 approaches!

The large attack motorcycle, Rapid Raider, is back with a new violet-based coloration and pearlescent decals!
This motorcycle can seat Frame Arms Girl and other 15 cm models.

The armor can be removed and equipped onto Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl models.
It also comes with a helmet that can be assembled with Frame Arms Girl's face parts, allowing for a range of possible scenes.
The model’s Hexa Gear-compatible joints enable high customization across series.

Model Specifications:
■ The side armor that conceals weapons can be opened for fun action poses.
■ Parts of the armor are connected with 3mm joints and can be removed and combined with other series, including Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl.
■ The bare frame without armor can be combined with Heavy Weapon and Hexa Gear parts sold separately.
■ The included helmet can be fitted with Frame Arms Girl face parts.
■ Pearlescent decals change color depending on the angle, creating a digital camouflage effect.
■ Energy lines and the Hexa Gear logo are included in addition to the decals.

Included Items:
■ Rapid Raider Model
■ Steel Blade ×2
■ Mini Grenade Launcher ×2
■ Automatic Handgun ×2
■ Helmet ×1
■ Helmet Accessories x1 Type (Cat Ears)
■ Pearlescent Decals"

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