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Gunprimer Runner Clip [Starter Kit]

Gunprimer Runner Clip [Starter Kit]

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RUNNER CLIP is the market’s smallest minimalistic runner stand that saves working space and provides convenience and practicality. This kit includes number and letter tags that can be attached to each clip, and a total of ten clips are included.



  • Model: RUNNER CLIP

  • Type: Starter Kit

  • Components: RUNNER CLIP x 10, LETTERING PARTS x 2, STANDING GUARD [24 Pieces] x 1

  • Material: ABS, PC, PU Gel

  • Product Code: RC-SK10

  • Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

  • Package Size: 105 x 161 x 39mm / Weight: 124g

  • Product Size
    RUNNER CLIP: 60 x 20 x 18mm / Weight: 5g
    LETTERING PARTS: 147 x 88 x 10mm / Weight: 32g
    STANDING GUARD: 80 x 100 x 1mm / Weight: 4g

Additional Add-On Clips (pack of 4) are also available

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