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Gunprimer Recover

Gunprimer Recover

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Gunprimer's RECOVER for easy and clean plastic model gate processing.

Size: 90*90mm Qty: 2

Material: Functional fabric

Technology: Twill Weave

  • RECOVER is a finish touch-up polisher to restore the original gloss level of plastic parts.
  • It polishes the rough surface from sanding and adds a bit of extra shiny look on the surface.

First, use the BALANCER's green side then use the RECOVER to retrieve the plastic's original semi-gloss surface. This step is crucial to have a perfect finish when removing the gate-marks and it's highly recommended for users who don't paint nor use top-coat after building.


Note: Does not include the Balancer White, the sanding sponge, or the glass file shown in the pictures.

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