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Gunprimer Balancer White

Gunprimer Balancer White

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Ultra-Fine Abrasive

- Includes 3 per pack

​- BALANCER WHITE is a gloss polisher made with premium-grade ultra-fine abrasives which can effortlessly produce a super glossy surface. This fast and effective tool is recommended for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

  • The green side is the pre-treatment side to prepare the surface for a super glossy finish.
  •  The white side further brings the surface to achieve a super glossy.


STEP 1: Use the green side to achieve a matte finish surface. It is recommended to polish enough in order to acquire a satisfying glossy surface.

STEP 2: After using the green side use the white side to achieve a super gloss finish. The level of gloss finish depends on how many passes are made on the surface. The more passes on the surface, the glossier it becomes. 

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