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Gunprimer Custom Guide Opacity Silver

Gunprimer Custom Guide Opacity Silver

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This is a free-cut, cutting guide tape sheet with a scale of 0.5mm.

Specialized for "panel line" work and can make individual customized patterns
You can cut and paste as you want to work panel lines.
Unlike CUSTOM GUIDE (transparent), it can be used alone.

Size : 105*175mm
Component : 1sheet 

*For advanced users.

For the transparent guides, the various panels are thin and transparent, which is difficult to use alone, but this opacity is aluminum-coated and is highly recommended for cutting into a shape that you originally designed.

Use a pencil or other design on the part, then cut the tape to fit it and engrave the line.

Also, since it has a scale of 0.5mm, it is also convenient to create multiple, symmetrical, original panel lines that are exactly sized.

Since the guide tape can be attached to an accurate position and the work for directly engraving the stripe from above using a needle or the like can be performed, the failure of the engraving can be prevented.

*The feature is that it is easy to see and has good workability because it is not affected by the substrate.

  1. You can use pinsets when you are dealing with smaller parts.
  2. Review your design by roughly sketching the desired surface.
  3. Cut into the desired design and paste it on the surface.
  4. To remove oil more efficiently, we recommend you to use the [RECOVER] products from GUNPRIMER.
  5. Scrape along the line
  6. Do the same on the other side.


※Please do the work without putting any effort into engraving by pasting the guide above. If you put too much effort into it, the custom guide may deviate and you may not be able to work correctly.

※ Please take off the oil and dust on the surface to be pasted before pasting. Also, be careful not to touch the adhesive surface as much as possible when you touch it with your fingertips.

*For engraving, we recommend using it in combination with various other engraving tools.

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