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Auto World

Auto World HO Scale 19 Foot Winged Warriors Slot Race Set

Auto World HO Scale 19 Foot Winged Warriors Slot Race Set

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In September 1969 an odd-looking Dodge rumbled onto the track for NASCAR's first-ever Talladega 500. It's sky-high rear wing made it stand out like a biplane amongst the other cars in the field


Plymouth brought its own winged car to the party a little later. Using the Charger's B-body cousin, the Road Runner, Plymouth unveiled the newly-christened Superbird at the 1970 Daytona 500.


While the new "Winged Warriors" had an unorthodox profile and probably received some confused looks from the spectators, everything made sense once the green flag dropped. And it wasn't long before a Charger Daytona became the first car to break NASCAR's 200 mph barrier.


In the hands of drivers like Richard Petty and Bobby Isaac, the Superbird and its winged counterpart, the Daytona, went on to dominate the NASCAR racing circuit, flying high above the competition.




  •    19 Feet of Track
  •     Xtraction Flamethrowers Slot Car 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona Bobby Isaac
  •     Xtraction Flamethrowers Slot Car 1970 Plymouth Superbird Richard Petty
  •     Adjustable Power Pack
  •     2 - Speed Controllers
  •     8 - Corner Curb Banners
  •     16 - Flag Poles
  •     20 - Track Support Pillars


Track and Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with all Auto World & AFX Race Set

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