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AFX Racing

1/64 AFX MEGA-G+ 1970 Camaro SS350 Red

1/64 AFX MEGA-G+ 1970 Camaro SS350 Red

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Weeeee’re back!

Hugger” Takes to the Streets

After the success of 1967
through ’69 Camaro’s, Chevrolet created effectively
an all-new car in 1970.  One that was more drivable and had a
much better engine: the LT1 350 cubic inch compared to the previous
year’s 302.  In fact, the LT1 in the Z28 came from
the Corvette and was a stout performer.

The re-designed front-end
and fastback shape was the source of a lot of controversy. 
But it is generally regarded one of the most beautiful designs to come
out of GM.


G+ Chassis

This new Mega G+ chassis doesn’t just
go faster
or handle better than the competition. And it
doesn’t just have the ultra-low, narrow dimensions of the
original Mega G to continue the reign of the most realistic HO cars on
earth. It’s smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive than
any car we’ve ever built.

We wanted wheel to wheel racing, lap after lap, the
feel of driving a real car
. But we couldn’t do
it by just changing the chassis. We had to create a whole new

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