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1/24 Hexa Gear V-Thor & Pawn X1 Night Stalkers Set

1/24 Hexa Gear V-Thor & Pawn X1 Night Stalkers Set

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Model Specifications:

■This is a variation model kit of V-THOR & PAWN X1 featuring a different color scheme with dedicated emblem decals included.〇V-THOR NIGHT STALKERS SET

■Standing at approximately 206 mm tall, this humanoid HEXA GEAR boasts the widest range of motion in the series.

■ The included HD Plasma Cannon can be attached to the mount on the back. The barrel can be replaced to change the cannon into a Gatling gun that fires solid bullets.

■ The Exit Slider equipped on the waist can be removed and combined to make a large physical shield or a high-speed transportation board.

■ Larger than the model itself, the Mega Charged Tactical Sword "Scarlet Blood" can be removed from its sheath. With a total length of 283 mm, this sword is currently the longest melee weapon in the HEXA GEAR series.

■ This kit comes with a special ver. blade as a bonus part.

■ Governors supported are: PAWN A1, PAWN X1, SENTINEL, WARMAGE, and EARLY GOVERNOR Vol. 1. Note that not all governors are supported.

■ This kit includes special joints compatible with the Flying Base Neo (sold separately).

■ The color scheme for this kit is black, gunmetal, metallic orange, red, silver, metallic red, clear red, and metallic clear red.〇PAWN X1 NIGHT STALKERS SET

■This is a variation model kit of PAWN X1 featuring a different color scheme.

■ The large combat knife equipped to the left-thigh can be removed from the sheath and placed in the model's hand.

■ The sword and rifle from PAWN A1 are included as optional parts.*Customize the model with optional parts of your choosing.

■ The color scheme for these parts is black, light gray, and dark gray.


■V-THOR Model x1

■4 Hand Parts x1 Set (Left and Right)

■Mega Charged Tactical Sword "Scarlet Blood" x1

■Special Ver. Blade x1

■HD Plasma Cannon x1

■Gatling Barrel for HD Plasma Cannon x1

■Exit Slider x1 (Left and Right)

■HEXAGRAM Joints x2

■Shield Grip x1



■PAWN X1 Model x1

■Hand Parts x1 Set (Closed hands, open hands, and weapon holding hands) (Left and Right)

■Large Combat Knife x1


■Sword x1

■Rifle x1

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