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1/144 HGUC #068 Zaku I Black Tri Stars

1/144 HGUC #068 Zaku I Black Tri Stars

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The HGUC MS-05B Zaku I The Black Tri-Star model kit contains enough parts to build one MS-05B Zaku I in the famous Black Tri-Star colors! The team of MS-05B Zaku I Black Tri-Stars fought during the Attack of Side 5. According to Mobile Suit Variations, the Zaku I’s were a dark blue color. The trio of Zaku’s would take on their iconic colors following the Battle of Loum. The MMS-05B Zaku I Black Tri-Stars is a color swap of the previously released HGUC 64 MS-05B Zaku I with additional markings to recreate the individual members of the Black Tri-Stars.



  • 105mm Machine Gun
  • Initial Type Bazooka
  • Sturm Faust
  • Heat Hawk
  • Knuckle Shield
  • Commander Type Fin
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