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1/144 HGTWFM Calibarn

1/144 HGTWFM Calibarn

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A Gundam-type mobile suit developed in competition against the XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith, the machine's lack of features to ensure pilot safety from the GUND Format meant the Lfrith was ultimately chosen as Och Earth's main Gundam, and all development records of the Calibarn were deleted after[3]. The Calibarn was later seized by the Space Assembly League during the Vanadis Incident, where it was called a "monster" due to its deadly characteristics. [1].

The Calibarn would be piloted by Suletta Mercury to confront Ericht Samaya and Prospera Mercury, who were planning to use Quiet Zero to take control of the Earth Sphere[2]. After the Space Assembly League's Interplanetary Laser Transmission System heavily damages the Gundam Aerial Rebuild, Suletta, along with Ericht, would commandeer the Aerial's GUND Bits for the Calibarn along with taking control of the Gundam Pharact and Gundam Schwarzette to create a data storm powerful enough to remotely shut down the Interplanetary Laser. The resulting data storm would ultimately disintegrate all nearby machines using the GUND Format, including the Calibarn.
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