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1/144 HGIBO #25 Frame Shiden

1/144 HGIBO #25 Frame Shiden

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The GM of Iron Blooded Orphans has finally arrived, and like almost every other kit in the line, it's excellent. Possibly the best model released under the Iron Blooded Orphans banner, the Io Frame Shiden is a delight, from the relatively simple build to the wealth of available modifications. Well articulated, well balanced, and well armed, the Shiden oozes with personality, the mobile suit as a freshly drafted teenager.

And, as is the standard for Bandai kits, you don't need glue, paint or fancy tools to build one. Just snap the kits free from its sprue with basic cutters, snap the pieces together, and you're done. From beginners to experienced customizers, this is one to pick up.



  • Rifle
  • 2 types of shields
  • Runner x 5
  • sticker x1
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