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Infinite Dimension

1/100 Infinite Dimension Genesis Deluxe Version (Diecast Frame)

1/100 Infinite Dimension Genesis Deluxe Version (Diecast Frame)

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5 years in the making, Infinite Dimension is finally introducing their very first own massive mecha plamo kit! This is a DELUXE version with comes with metal alloy parts to strengthen the joints and increase the additional weight of 110 grams to the completed model. All parts are especially created with superb high quality molded detailed parts! Standing at a massive head height of 20.5cm. Mecha lovers, you will not want to miss this!


Introducing Infinite Dimension's inaugural fully self-assembling model kit. The Deluxe Edition features a premium metal inner frame, along with additional clear parts that complement the kit's vibrant neon orange color scheme.

The model is equipped with linkages in its arms and legs for movement, including the ability to bend at the knees. It also has a variety of weapons, including a powerful cannon, backpack grenades, and dual pistols for close combat.

The full body armor and skeleton of the model are intricately designed with multiple layers and a variety of parts and colors, adding depth and complexity to the overall model group. The use of transparent parts to showcase the underlying mechanical structure of the skeleton adds a futuristic touch to the model's design. The model's internal structure is also highly detailed, featuring a complete and precise skeleton. Additionally, the model can transform into an aircraft form, further enhancing its sci-fi aesthetic.

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