Our Future With RC Products

Our Future With RC Products

Hello, everyone!

I'm proud to announce that, today, we begin our entrance into the RC community.

We're pleased to also announce that we're an Authorized Retailer of the RLAARLO family of RC products.

RLAARLO is an exciting new company that has been gaining some exciting buzz on the internet. They have positioned themselves as an Entry step into the Hobby Grade RC market. Don't let that fool you, though, these buggies, trucks and truggies are very affordable cars that pack a punch. Just like with the high end brands, you can mod your heart out with these.

I do plan to carry replacement parts for this line, once the catalog becomes available. I will be looking to expand my offerings of their line up, as we continue to snowball the inventory here at CHD.

Now, I know, this isn't the news that some of you were hoping for and we'll get there. We will, I promise. This also affords me the opportunity to see what trends and items are most needed for the local RC community. I've had discussion with some local members and I'm already beginning to develop plans for how I want to build this out.

Join us in this amazing journey and I will do my best to provide you with the great customer service and item selection that you deserve.


Thanks again for placing your trust in us!


Scott and Jen

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