Kotobukiya Moving Forward

Recently, we've received word that the wholesale supplier that we were going through for Kotobukiya products has had that line of business removed from them by Kotobukiya. 

This has left us in a little pickle, because we have open pre-orders for products that they never delivered on. I should note that this distributor never actually delivered on any of the pre-orders that I had made. The only orders that I ever got from them was what they had in actual physical inventory. 

This means, that we will be going back to our previous distributors for Kotobukiya. Neither of those, unfortunately, will be able to fill the pre-orders that I have outstanding. It is with extreme apologies that I will have to cancel the outstanding pre-orders. 

We're still going to move forward with Kotobukiya, but I will approach the ordering differently. I'll be utilizing Discord to show what is on the horizon coming from the distributors and asking about interest. This will have the added benefit of not having to "shoot in the dark" about what might interest everyone.

If you haven't joined our Discord, I would like to encourage you to do so. You can join from this link: https://discord.gg/GuRPp69MjT


Thank you everyone for your continued support!


Scott and Jen

Clarksville Hobby Depot LLC

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