CHD Holidays 2022 Chance to Win a Gift-card PLUS Model Kit or Tool of Choice!

Hi, everyone! I hope this upcoming Holiday season will find y'all happy and healthy!

We'll be doing another gift card give-away PLUS your choice of model kit or tool! This time the gift card will be $100!! Plus your choice of model kit or tool??? Sign me up!

The contest will run through 12/23/2022 at 11:59PM Central Time.

If you make a purchase from the time this blog post goes live, until 12/23/2022, you will automatically be entered into the contest!

Points will be awarded for the following:

Place an order: 25 points

Each dollar spent: 5 points

Subscribing to email notifications: 10 points

Subscribing to SMS notifications: 10 points

There will also be bonus points based on purchasing certain items. They are:

Product Points
1/14 RLAARLO 14006PA RTR Remote Control Brushless Buggy - Alloy Chasis 250
1/14 RLAARLO 14006P RTR Remote Control Brushless Buggy - Carbon Fibre Chasis 250
1/14 RLAARLO 16011R RTR Remote Control Monster Truck 100
1/72 HG Big Tony (Gagumber Memempu Custom) 100
1/48 Revell P - 51D Mustang 100
'66 Chevy Chevelle SS Hardtop 1:25 100
1/144 HGUC #36 PMX-03 The O 100
1/144 HGUC #019 MSM-07S Z'Gock (Char's Custom) 100
Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer Gray - 40ml 100
SDW Heroes #01 Wukong Impulse Gundam 100
SDW Heroes #02 Nobunaga Gundam Epyon 100
SDW Heroes #03 Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam 100
SDW Heroes #04 Benjamin V2 Gundam 100
SDW Heroes #05 Edward Second V 100
SDW Heroes #07 War Horse 100
SDW Heroes #08 Cao Cao Wing Gundam Isei Style 100
SDW Heroes #11 Nobunaga Gundam Epyon (Dark Mask Ver.) 100
SDW Heroes #12 Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam DX 100
SDW Heroes #13 Verde Buster Team Member 100
SDW Heroes #14 Qiongqi Strike Freedom Gundam 100
SDW Heroes #15 Cleopatra Qubeley (Dark Mask Ver.) 100
30MM #17 Option Parts Set 8 (Multi Backpack) 100
1/72 Zoids ZD097R Highend Master Model RHI3 Command Wolf (Repackage Ver.) 100
1/72 Zoids ZD107 HMM EZ-054 Liger Zero X 100
1/72 Zoids ZD108 HMM Changing Armor System Liger Zero X Unit (Empire Ver.) 100
1/72 ZD109 Zoids EZ-027 Raven Raptor 100
1/72 ZD110 Zoids Highend Master Model Customize Parts Pile Bunker Unit 100
1/72 Zoids ZD111 HMM EZ-027 Rev Raptor 100
1/72 Zoids ZD131 HMM Highend Master Model RZ-028 BLADE LIGER AB 100
1/72 Zoids ZD138 Highend Master Model EZ-035 Lightning Saix (Marking Plus Ver.) 100
1/72 Zoids ZD146 Highend Master Model RZ-030 Gun Sniper 100
1/72 Zoids ZD157 Highend Master Model RZ-014 Godos (Marking Plus Ver.) 100
1/72 Zoids ZD158 Highend Master Model EZ017 Iguan (Marking Plus Ver.) 100
1/72 Zoids ZD150 HMM EZ-054 Liger Zero X (Empire Marking Plus Ver.) 100
FG089 Frame Arms Girl Architect (Nipako Ver.) 100
FG104 Frame Arms Girl Magical Baselard 100
FG036 Frame Arms Girl Session Base 100
FG088 Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr=Ater (Summer Vacation Ver.) 100
FG115 Frame Arms Girl Gourai-Kai Ver.2 Samurai Form 100
1/35 Good Smile Company Obsolete Series Outcast Brigade Exoframe (Re-Run) Moderoid Model Kit 100
Nendoroid (#1671) (Good Smile Company) - World of Warcraft - Sylvanas Windrunner 100
1/35 Good Smile Company Obsolete Series Submersible Exoframe Moderoid 100
Good Smile Company ASHIBA (re-run) Model Kit Accessory 100
Magic Knight Rayearth - Rayearth Spirit of Fire Moderoid 100
Hades Project Zeorymer of the Heavens Moderoid 100


Items may be added or removed, as necessary.

To enter without purchase: send your name and address in an email that you want associated with the contest to:


Each point is an entry and at the end of the contest period a random draw will take place to determine the winner!


P.S. I'll try to work in actual links to the products, as I can.



Thanks everyone! It's been a great time and an even better learning experience getting this dream of mine up and running!!! Couldn't do it without y'all! :D


Ever blessed,


Scott and Jen

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