Candid Discussion About Free Shipping and Decal Only Shipping

Hiya folks!

Sorry to say it, but effective immediately we're going to have to end Free Shipping over certain dollar amounts. Any orders currently placed and awaiting fulfillment that meet the deprecated standards will still receive the Free Shipping discount, if eligible. TLDR of this is that we are losing more than the cost of our store's rent on shipping and are trying to help out the shipping expenditure.


Decal Only (or other small items shipped via bubble mailers)

As most know, I use Shopify as my e-commerce and POS solution. At my current tier with Shopify I CAN set a custom rate for decals, however the problem arises that if anyone tries to buy anything else it will charge both the standard rate and the custom rate. The app ecosystem for Shopify does not provide any solutions to this until I am at the next Shopify tier where apps are able to grab more functionality.

Soooo, until that happens, I will have to do this manually. I am a creature of habit, so until it becomes habit with me, please be patient. If I forget to adjust shipping on eligible shipments, kindly send me a reminder and I will refund the margin that I am capable of refunding.


This is a hard pill for me to swallow, because I have always wanted to maintain a free shipping amount, but the reality of the situation has finally sunk in.



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