Brick and Mortar is CLOSED

Hey Everybody,


I'm finding myself in the position of having to close the brick and mortar store at 1801 E. Boy Scout Rd, Suite F in Clarksville, TN.

The website will remain OPEN for business.


I made many of the classic new owner mistakes and I'm trying to recover from those. Due to that, I'll have to go back to working out of the climate controlled storage units that I was once in.


I'm sorry that I couldn't have had a better go at this, but I'm determined to keep the business running through the website.

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Just seeing this now, heart breaking! It was a pleasure buying from you at the store and I will continue enjoying buying from you now online!

Jeff Walter

Oh no! I’ll still be purchasing from you, but it was nice to be able to go by and impulse purchase things. I wish you luck!

Zack Forster

I am new to Clarksville and discovered your store too late to actually purchase anything, I went by the store to find it closed. I hope with a little more planning you can reopen in a new location. Good luck.

Raul Quiles

So sad! Still happy to give you local business though.


I’m sorry to hear this. I went by today and say it was empty. I’m happy the website is open still though. Wish the best of luck and we’ll continue to buy kits.


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