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YoloPark AMK Pro Transformers G1 Megatron Model Kit

YoloPark AMK Pro Transformers G1 Megatron Model Kit

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Decepticons, your leader is here!

YOLOPARK's new AMK Pro series is more fun than the AMK series. In addition to pre-assembly and hands-on design, it also has 5 exclusive upgrades!

Comes with three interchangeable face parts, including normal, angry and laughing expressions;
The overall battle-damaged old paint;
Part of the outer armor is made of alloy, which adds texture;
Equipped with five weapons, the fusion artillery has its own lighting effects, which greatly increases the playability!
Equipped with a super platform and action stand, it can restore heroic fighting postures from multiple angles;

AMK Pro Series G1 Megatron reproduces the classic Transformers G1 shape, with an overall height of 20cm and five major upgrades waiting for you to experience

Product configuration:
*Megatron pre-assembled body*1
*Replace face type*3
*Battle damaged breastplate*1
*Weapon configuration*5 "Energy Pistol*1, Fusion Cannon*1, Energy Blade*1, Energy Bolas*1, Alloy Sigma Key*1"
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