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Gunprimer Raser Origin

Gunprimer Raser Origin

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The name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It's a new concept of sanding tools that leaves no scratches when removing gate-marks.

  • With 400 grit force, RASER v1.5 can easily remove thick gate-marks to produce a clean surface without any scratches. Evolutionary super-nano technology provides a strong 400 grit force incomparable to any other similar products. 
  • Specialized tool for nub mark removal with Super-Nano Technology
  • ​Leaves no scratches, which shortens sanding process
  • Convenient use on the narrow surface and small parts
  • Highly durable structure enables semi-permanent use
  • Handcrafted smooth edge processing makes it safe and easy to use by users of all ages.
  • The reusable storage case is convenient for keeping various tools


  • Residues stuck on the RASER ORIGIN surface can decrease performance. After use, wipe with water or masking tape to remove any residue. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.
  • RASER ORIGIN made of tempered glass will not break during normal use. However, it may be damaged by external impact or falling. Always store in the storage case when not in use.
  • RASER ORIGIN is only used for plastics.
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