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Gunprimer Joint Guard

Gunprimer Joint Guard

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Contents: GUNPRIMER (gunprimer) joint guard (joint reinforcement tape)

Size: About 105x175mm
Number of pieces: 1,054
Tape color: Light gray
Material: Polypropylene (tape surface non-slip coating)


This is a special reinforcing tape to recover the looseness of joints and moving parts of the mechanical model.

In order to reinforce a loose joint until now, it was necessary to adjust it by sharpening with an adhesive and then adjusting it by scraping or re-placing it, or by sticking it to the joint while cutting out a small tape by yourself.

This joint guard has been developed so that even these loose joint parts can be easily maintained for a long time.

Reinforcing tape has been cut into strips in six sizes to suit various shafts. In addition, it is a soft special tape with a non-slip coating on the surface, so it can reinforce the joints without applying excessive tension to the parts.
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