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GodHand GHPN-125 Normal Plastic Nippers

GodHand GHPN-125 Normal Plastic Nippers

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Standard, all-purpose nipper for everyone to use in any occasion. Ultra-thin, single-edged, and no need to worry about breaking. Perfect for beginners.

Compared with GodHand's Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (cutting grade 5 - in-house comparison), you may find whitening on cutting-section using the Normal Nipper (cutting grade 3). 

Cutting section has a bit of a rough finish, but the structure is kept simple with strong durability. Can cut plastic and much more.

Spec/ Material

Length: 130mm 
Thickness of grip: 12mm (thickest part)
Weight: 55g 
Material: Tool steel 
Hardness of the edge: HRC 45~55
Note: Spec is reference range. There might be size tolerance.

  • New structure “Clack spring”! Does not rely on spring for opening blades. Once opened to a certain angle, the stopper gets released and can open edges fully.

Cutting ability

  • Plastic diameter limited under 3mm
  • Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile-buta-diene-styrene, and PE resin
  • Cannot cut metal
  • Can cut transparent runner too!


  • Can cut copper and aluminum line diameter under 1mm and strand wire diameter limited under 2mm, but those will be not covered by the warranty.
  • For your safety, please wear safety equipments. (ex. goggles, gloves, or etc.)
  • Fragments might fly during use. Please check the safety of your surrounding, making sure there are no fragile items around before use.


  • Do not gouge with the tip and do not touch the blades with your bare hands.
  • Please do not cut materials over the cutting limit. Cannot cut hard wire rod such as metal.
  • Oil the blades and joint to prevent rusting.
  • Please keep out of reach of children and store with edges closed.

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