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1/144 HGCC #177 Turn A Gundam

1/144 HGCC #177 Turn A Gundam

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-The main Mobile Suit that appears in "Turn A Gundam", commonly known as "White Doll" ∀ Gundam is HG.

  • Easy to make, wide range of motion, and Sid Mead's original design and animation settings are thoroughly analyzed to achieve the best proportions.
  • Characteristic legs Each joint, such as the joint in the center of the knee and the double joint of the knee, is movable over a wide range.
  • Hatch can be opened and closed with replacement parts. When opened, the chest multi-purpose silo is reproduced.


  • shield
  • beam saber
  • rifle
  • Molded product × 9
  • foil seal × 1
  • assembly instruction × 1
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