Collection: Aqueous Gundam Color

Based on the water-based hobby color, which has been renewed and has improved performance, the Gundam color will finally appear as a water-based version.

The color is the same as the Mr. Color version Gundam color, but it is a water-based hobby color with less solvent and a mild smell, so it is ideal for users who are painting for the first time.

It can be used for both brush painting and airbrush painting.

*The HUG product number "Aqueous Gundam Color" series is based on the "Aqueous Hobby Color". For dilution, please use water or the dedicated "aqueous hobby color thinner".
* The type of paint is different from the UG product number "Gundam Color" series. Colors cannot be mixed.


Aqueous Gundam color

HUG01-09 Capacity: 10ml

Aqueous Gundam SEED color

HUG101-108 Capacity: 10ml